Christianshavn's best kept secret

Our annex/privat dining is a beautiful old maritime warehouse, with fireplace and open ceiling. All kinds of parties – up to 85 guests – are welcome. Whether a party, meeting or event, it’s hardly possible to raise the roof higher

Come, let us indulge you.
Welcome and bon appetit


The beautiful old Annex/privat dining is a wonderful setting for any dinner party. Enjoy the cool courtyards on warm summer days or the warmth of the open fire on colder evenings.

Perfect for wedding parties

A wedding party at Restaurant Kanalen means you get to enjoy the waterfront, private courtyards and that special Christianshavn idyll.

Our separate Annex/Privat dining seats up to 85 guests and is the perfect setting for unforgettable celebrations of love.


Bring together family and friends for a confirmation party in the Annex/Privat dining and enjoy a lunch or evening event in a private setting with a unique atmosphere.


Holding a meeting in the annex/privat dining gives you the time and peace of mind to immerse yourself in the loving care delivered from Restaurant Kanalen’s kitchen.

Close to the city and metro, yet far away from the city’s noise, the Annex is completely undisturbed.


Prices may change due to inflation